Why Choose BHMG?

We realize that as a consumer that you have a choice or many choices with regards to the services you are seeking and are about to make the two most important decisions regarding the two most important questions prior to undergoing surgery; “Does the Dr have the credentials and training to perform my type of surgery?” and equally important, “Is the facility licensed and accredited to perform my surgery?”

“Does my Dr have the credentials to perform my type of surgery?”
As Asia’s largest U.S. based Multi-Specialty Surgery Center we credential all our surgeons to be board certified in their specialties and have over 80 board certified surgeons in ten specialties and 16 board certified Dermatologist at our facility. If you are seeking cosmetic and plastic reconstructive surgery, we have 10 of the only 80 board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons on staff in the country duly certified by the Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery, and the only organization recognized by the Philippine College of Surgeons to grant board certification in the field of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in the Philippines.

“Is the facility licensed and accredited to perform my surgery?”
BHMG takes pride in developing our center with the most stringent U.S. Department of Health (DOH) and Joint Commission International (JCI) medical standards for healthcare facility development, policies and procedures, licensing and healthcare management. Currently approved and licensed by the Philippine Department of Health Services and approved by the Philippine Government for Medical Tourism, BHMG plans to be the first JCI accredited facility in Asia.

In choosing BHMG we guarantee board certified surgeons at each specialty, a facility licensed and regulated to meet the most stringent requirements for ambulatory services, policies, procedures, and best practices for patient safety, and surprisingly the most competitive pricing to meet cost demand locally.